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Christmas Oysters for 2020

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Jersey and Poole Oysters back

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Jersey and Poole Oysters now in stock As lockdown eases, we have seen a boost in sales again, which is great news. We appreciate the support from the restaurants that have opened, and also the private customer we have been able to serve. This means we are now able to...
Poole oysters on sale now!

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Great news from Rossmore Oysters! We have oysters again in stock, and ready for sale. Over the last few weeks or so we have had people asking for oysters. We have also had some repeated requests from fishmongers and take-away outlets for oysters, and so we have...

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I never thought this blog would be to update on the ever developing Covid-19 situation. I write this with huge sympathy for those suffering with the virus, and wish them a speedy recovery soon. Since we have been operating out of our site in Sussex, we have battled...
Be a top oyster Shucker

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I was born on an oyster farm in Cork. My parents started the business in 1969, breeding native oysters in 22 ponds. Because the ponds get warmer than the open sea, the oysters breed slightly better and it produces a good crop. Later, when I got older, I became...
Stranraer Oyster Festival

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Stranraer Oyster Festival has been hailed a ‘phenomenal success’ by organisers, as it returned for its third year.  17-18,000 people are thought to have attended the three day event, up 25% on last year. The community-run festival is organised by Stranraer Development...