Christmas 2020

Traditionally, the run to Christmas is the time when oysters sell. In France stories abound of how many train carriages should be booked for the festive season from the coast to Paris. Three carriages is the number I have heard is about right… London is no exception, but this year very different. Our depuration shed is brimming with oysters. We have native oysters from Loch Ryan, literally just started to harvest for the first time this year, Rab and John back in action. We have natives from the Helford, ones we have been fattening since the last lockdown in March… They are indeed very fine and full. The team in Rossmore, Ireland have been fishing hard, dawn till dusk to fill our tanks with Rossmore Rock Oysters. Grading every oyster by hand, and only selection the finest. Gary and Rob in Poole, out in freezing fog, another pallet delivered of some great meaty oysters. Always willing to help.

Our boat the Haematopus, heading to fish in Rossmore, Cork.

Rossmore Oysters, Cork, Ireland.
Photo Joleen Cronin

With the news that London is now in Tier 3, we no longer need any trains to get our oysters to the market… as that market has been stopped. It is absolutely heartbreaking for our loyal customers, who have just opened only a few weeks ago. It is soul breaking to return the oysters to the people who have been out in the wind and the rain to get them.

So, we have a train load (well a carriage anyway) of our finest selection of Christmas oysters in our tanks, awaiting your orders. We are not very good at social media and offers… but do place an order, and I am sure we can pop a few extra on the top. Have a very good Christmas, and lets hope for a much better 2021.

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