Jersey and Poole Oysters now in stock

As lockdown eases, we have seen a boost in sales again, which is great news. We appreciate the support from the restaurants that have opened, and also the private customer we have been able to serve. This means we are now able to offer two types of oysters, Jersey and Poole rock oysters, which are now both in stock. We are working hard to also be able to offer some native oysters from the 7th September 2020.

After our sudden stop in March with the onset of COVID-19, we are now readjusting to the new normal. Our oyster sales may have come to a sudden stop with our main restaurants having to close their doors, but we have indeed been very busy in other ways.

News from Rossmore, Ireland

Rock oyster seed growth.

Around Just before the start of the outbreak, we were in a good position to start to grow more oysters. We have bought two million rock oyster seed, at 2mm in size and have nurtured it through our nursery system from 2mm to around 6-8mm where it is able to survive in this bag. This bag below has a 4mm mesh size, so the oysters will rest on the bag, with plenty of space to grow, and without actually growing into the mesh. In around May / June, around half to a full pint of oysters was placed into each bag (around 700 oysters) and these are then sealed at the top. In total we now have about 2,500 bags of these oysters which are now growing like smoke! They are tied onto trestles with rubber bands and hooks in each corner, and to ensure the oysters grow into a good shape, are turned regularly. The photo below shows them around 15g in size, so soon ready to be scattered on the seabed.


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