Helford Native Oysters

The Helford River in Cornwall has been used for many generations for the production of oysters. It has always been known as a good finishing area, and we are using the river for this purpose.

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We are stocking the river from our own ponds in Cork, Ireland, and then bringing the native oysters to the Helford to finish the process. The oysters are of a very fine quality from Cork, but the Helford River is rich in nutrients, which helps the meats to fill the shells to make the oysters most impressive. As we develop the fishery we are planning to bring in enough stock, so that if we did get the numbers high enough and had a warm summer with favourable conditions, then the oysters would spawn, and we could start to repopulate the river again.

The oysters from the Helford travel to our tanks in Sussex, where they are depurated and packed ready for the market.


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