Purification and Packing

The oysters are unpacked and placed into our depuration tanks, for a minimum of 42 hours. We have built 8 state of the art, fully approved, depuration tanks, each of which can hold up to 6000 oysters. We pack every Monday to Thursday, with delivery overnight. The oysters will last for 4-5 days, stored on their cupped shells in a cool place.

The seawater in the tanks is circulated under UV light every 15 minutes to sterilise the water. This is a very important part of the process, as it is at this stage that the oysters clean themselves by filtering the water, so purging their gut to get rid of any unwanted bacteria. We often extend this time, to offer the oysters more chance to cleanse themselves. When all the tanks are running, we are pumping 100 tonnes of water through the tanks / hour. We test the oysters on a monthly basis and these results are available on request.

We are audited by the SALSA scheme on a yearly basis, and around each May we are audited against the standard. Copies of our last inspection and certificate can be downloaded here.